Pastor helps fire victims

These are some of the pots donated to the fire victims who lost their belongings in Site B

A “true church” is connected to and takes responsibility for its community. These are the sentiments of Reverend Sizwe Nyobole of the Pentecostal Church in Driftsands, who stepped in to help residents of Site B to rebuild their lives when their homes were gutted by fire.

When he was alerted to the plight of the fire victims two weeks ago, he contacted a wholesaler who obliged by donating food donations. And not long after, the wholesaler also offered pots and tables for the devastated residents.

Mr Nyobole believes that church has a role to play in building community cohesion and that it is their duty to support people who are going through difficulties times.

He was further motivated to assist when he considered the grinding levels of unemployment in the community and poverty which had worsened due to lockdown restrictions.

“I’m not going to stop looking for help so that their lives can return to normality. Our role is to make a difference in the community we serve.

“I will always open the doors of this church to anyone seeking help and with the help of God surely we would be able to provide help.

“As church leaders we must understand that our role is not to preach the word of God only but to respond to social ills facing the very same communities we serve,” he said.

Mr Nyobole described a true church as being connected to and responsible for what happens in the community, creating opportunities for people to connect with each other.

Nokuthula Yiko was no directly affected by the fire, but decided to contact Mr Nyobole to ask him to help the victims.

She said she was extremely happy with the help in which Mr Nyobole is bringing.

Also adding his support was chairman of the Abathunywa Church Leaders organisation, Simon Ntobeko, said they worked with church leaders to encourage them to step outside of their pulpits and to be visible in the communities they work in.