Children enjoy a trip to Iziko Museums

Isiseko Reading Club and teachers in a happy mood after attending classes with Iziko Museum.

The harsh reality for many children growing up in the townships, is that they rarely travel outside their communities, or get to see the attractions which make Cape Town so popular with tourists.

But, a reading club from J Section in Khayelitsha recently partnered with Iziko Museums to bus a group of children to the city centre.

The children are part of Isiseko Reading Club which is affiliated to the Noluthando Educare Centre.

As part of the excursion, the children learned about nature, reptiles, birds, fossils, fishes and much more, and were taught to draw these animals and learn to tell them apart.

After their two-hour visit, the beaming children left, proudly carrying their artwork, ready to share their experience with others in the townships.

Carer Nobuhle Gusha told Vukani that while they were driving to town, the children had bombarded her with questions.

“Some of our children have never left Khayelitsha. This was an eye opener to them. Along the way we had to answer questions of things that many would think are known and normal. But yes to them it was the first time seeing those things. To many this would be the most fun and unforgettable trip of their lives,” she said.

Ms Gusha was also delighted that Iziko and the Noluthando Educare had made the excursion possible.

“Here you will find all sorts of animals that are saved and sculptured here. Even though we have certain birds in the locations, they are few. Here they saw the rare ones that are not easy to find. Same with fishes, they have seen a lot and different ones,” she said.

Thenjiwe Mayongo, another carer, added that the children had also enjoyed seeing historical statues and other landmarks in the city centre.

“As their teacher I am really excited to see their reaction after the whole process. Remember it is difficult for parents to take out their children for most are not working. It is also difficult for us as a reading club to send them out because we have no funding. The crèche has no funding but we are truly grateful to all those who organised this for us and mostly for the children,” she said.

For the young Grade R Bonang Matsheke, the trip was like an early Christmas present. While eating, she saw Vukani and asked to be photographed.

The co-ordinator of the trip, Mnikelo Balabala, said he was happy that the children had learned to be creative and independent.

“As the school we want them to be creative and be independent and this is what they learned there. But again we thought they needed to refresh because due to all the Covid19 restrictions they have been home and bored. This has refreshed them and we are happy,” he said.

Teachers Nobuhle Gusha and Thenjiwe Mayongo were happy that their children had to go out and learn from the museum.
Little Bonang Matsheke with her artwork at Iziko Museum last Thursday.