Appreciate women

Sarah Makala, Eester Rivier

I nominate my mom, she’s the pillar of my strength. When I fall, she lifts me up and tells me this is part of life.

We fall, laugh, cry, dance and pray together. No matter what life throws at us, we keep on moving forward. No awards will define how important she is. She deserves the respect, love, peace and more.

I nominate you as the best cook of my life, the best designer, the best cleaner… I am running out of words. Life is too short to complain. Each and every day, let’s appreciate the little things we get from good people around us. Let’s celebrate our loved ones each and every day, not occasionally.

Women can face any battle. It’s either we win or we are defeated. We keep on rising at the end of the day. Women bring life in this world. We are strong enough to face any challenge and pain. Every woman is amazing and unique.

No matter how rich or poor you are, you make a difference in this world. We are peacemakers, that’s part of our duty. We didn’t study for that type of job but we are born with that skill.

Love and peace dwells in us forever. Happy Women’s Month precious ladies.