Don’t be a ’Covidiot’ – get your jab

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Trevor Lupuwana, Gugulethu

There are so many headlines about Covid-19 and vaccines and deaths that they eventually blur into one mass that now seems to pass by – but the fact that Indonesia’s total deaths has passed 100 000 is a stark reminder of reality.

A few facts need to be written in stone: yes there is a pandemic, and the best approach is vaccination and lockdown.

Sorry Boris, the UK has got it wrong. Those that deny this should be blocked from all media and, yes, freedom of expression does not override the freedom to live.

In reality, should the covidiots who protest in mass, unmasked, crowds be charged with manslaughter? There are, or more accurately were 100 000 people in Indonesia, who may have had an opinion on the matter. Get your vaccination now, mask up and stay at home, please.