Fake pastors must be condemned

Blue letter

Sithathu Jamela, Mandela Park,

I warned people not to fall into the trap of foreign so-called prophets or pastors.

These criminals usually flock to Mzansi with bad intentions, among them robbing unsuspecting congregants of their hard-earned cash.

People should always ask themselves a few simple questions before joining their churches. Why do they come and open churches in Mzansi instead of preaching in their own countries?

These criminals have realised our justice system is weak and can be easily manipulated. The Bushiris should not have been granted bail in the first place, based on the severity of their case. The mere fact that they fled the country without anyone noticing, means terrorists can enter Mzansi and do as they please.

Now the government wants to use taxpayers’ money to bring the Bushiris back to the country, something that could have been prevented by keeping them in jail.

If it was up to me, all expenses of bringing them back to Mzansi should have come from his so-called church account. What Timothy Omotoso and Shepherd Bushiri did in our country should be a wake-up call to law enforcement to clamp down on these self-proclaimed prophets.