Library friends meet to celebrate Africa Day

Moses Mabhida Library in Site C brought its friends to celebrate Africa Day with its staff.

The Moses Mabhida Library in Site C and its friends celebrated Africa Day with art, music and stories last week.

The library also provided opportunities for people to experience and engage with the speakers on issues related to the day.

Africa Day is celebrated on May 25 annually to celebrate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (now known as the African Union) in 1963 to fight colonialism in Africa and apartheid in South Africa.

Senior librarian, Mbulelo Zumana praised the day and said it should be celebrated by all.

He said it was a “very” special day in the lives of Africans.

The attendees engaged each other on many issues.

Responding to some of the questions, Mr Zumana admitted that the day is a holiday in some countries.

“Elsewhere in the continent, the day is a holiday. That is how seriously other countries are taking it. It is a historical day that we all have to celebrate and pay respect to. But it is up to us as South Africans to fight for it to be a holiday. Some of the things should come from us, not the politicians.”

The library said it celebrates the Africa Day because it reminds everyone of how far the continent and its people have come. It said the fight to end and defeat colonialism and oppression was some of the reasons the day should be celebrated.

Addressing the attendees, Abrokwah Kwasi, from Ghana, said the day was aimed to promote social cohesion and to encourage conversations and dialogues within communities.

Mr Kwesi advised South Africans that they should refrain from violent acts related to xenophobic. He told the gathering that Africans are all the same and have similarity in whatever they do.

“We are on the same continent so we should unite and be one. Acts of xenophobia should not be associated with us. I am glad that today I am here speaking to my African people,” he said.

He added that there should also be cultural tolerance and integration.

He said institutions like the library must continue to promote cultural tolerance among the Africans.

Any celebration is not a celebration in the African way without food and music. The day ended with praise, song and dance.

Ghanian born Abrokwah Kwasi urged Africans to unite.