Library celebrates pupils’ reading progress

Pupils from different Site C schools read books, recited poems, told stories, made speeches and completed, word puzzles to highlight the importance of reading at the recent Reading Festival in a Park.

Hosted by Moses Mabhida Library, on Tuesday afternoon, the programme aimed to showcase how our children have developed in terms of reading, spelling, comprehension and communication skills throughout the year.

The children who participated in the event had, at the beginning of the year, been identified as having reading challenges – which the library helped them overcome through its reading programme.

The full hall was turned into a park to allow the pupils to feel the outside vibe. Librarians had their hands full with zealous children who were eager to take the stage but it was senior Librarian Ayanda Qagana who broke the ice by singing, dancing and making jokes with the children while her colleagues were on hand to assist.

“We have been with these kids for almost a year now. They came here to read and for some it was difficult but now they have totally improved. It was for that and other reasons that as this library we decided to celebrate that improvement,” she said.

The proud librarian praised her staff and children for using the library and said the reading programme would continue for as long the children needed it.

Ms Qagana urged the residents to use the library and encourage the children to come to it for all their educational needs. “We have done so well with this programme. That makes me proud of the staff members and children who attend our reading classes. I am also astounded by the improvement these children have. They have been more than willing to learn,” she said.

After the children took to the stage to read, recite poems and tell stories, it was time for teachers to do likewise. Among them was Zanele Bele who, before taking the stage to read, said the library’s programme had made each and every young pupil aware of their hidden talent and commended them on their confidence.

In the end, every child went home smiling. Each received a certificate and a bag with books and pens.

Children listening attentively to the readers and waiting for their turn.
Zanele Bele reading to her children.
Ayanda Qagana breaking the ice before the reading festival.