Depression is real

Monwabisi Maswana, Ilitha Park

I thought I would avoid the topic of depression, but I have something to share. We might take this sickness for granted and assume that its foreign to us blacks, but history has proven that anyone can suffer from depression.

This sickness is fed by what we place on ourselves and also what others expect from us.

Even for those who grew up in a bad situation, (find it difficult) to accept that things are not changing even though we try our best.

Many black people who were involved in the liberation struggle also go through depression.

Does that mean they were weak? Many of our young people suffer from this sickness in silence, while some find other ways to relieve their pain. They start taking drugs, abuse alcohol and others chose to dwell on our streets. So before you call someone weak, remember that depression is real.

I pray that those I know would share with me, as I am willing to extend the little I know to overcome this sickness.