Gender disharmony

Simphiwe Gwashu-Sabile, Ilitha Park

Redi Direnko is one of the best – that we can’t take away from her. The way the question on her programme – Unfiltered – was posed, is vintage Redi and she really wanted an honest answer to this honest question – are men responsible for gender disharmony?

As usual, the narrative had to be male bashing to be juicy and relevant.

It has been women who were going gaga over Gigaba’s penis – not men! It is women that gave him the approval to downsize other men.

Women are partly to blame for the patriarchal tendencies of society. I felt sorry for Simphiwe Sesanti because he would have been outnumbered and lambasted if he continued on his understanding of gender relations according to our culture.

It is so sad that we have taken an alien concept that does not even have a name in our languages and turn it into our own to only be set with 70% of our families being female single parent headed in contrast to the families of those who planted these ideas of feminism in our heads.

Women and men are equal in every respect but we are different. A shaving blade and an axe are both metal and are sharp. Both are used to cut but their cutting is for different competencies.

You cannot cut down a tree with a shaving blade inasmuch as you cannot shave your head with an axe.

That is the definition of who we are as a people and a few English words and concepts just turned our relations upside down.

By the way, you are so welcome to think I am a patriarch, misogynist, a male egotist and phallic whatever.

Don’t end there please, I beg you – join the multitudes who have unfriended me for this perception.