Well done, SAPS

Bucks Mqobongo, Khayelitsha

I would like to congratulate the police and all those involved in the arrests of 11 men suspected in the mass killings of people in Khayelitsha over the weekend.

Police, politicians and community organisations wasted no time in finding the culprits and what we need now is swift justice. These people must be prosecuted while this case is still fresh in people’s minds. That will bring trust to policing and the judiciary.

For too long in the recent past have we seen criminals arrested only to have them freed with no apparent reason. When they are freed or paroled they return with vengeance and do more crime as we are witnessing now.

These evil men must rot in jail because they don’t value other people’s lives.

I am sorry to the families affected by this violence and I hope this arrest will play a large role in their healing process.