No more suffering in silence

Maggie Swepu, Mandalay

As the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children draws to an end (today, Thursday December 10), it’s painful to realise many women keep abuse secret because the abuser is a provider.

They think if they report him, they’ll end up in poverty. What I’d like to tell them is that no woman has to be a victim of any kind of abuse. Don’t ever keep quiet to impress and please your partner while you’re hurting.

To all women out there, note that your life is more important than what the abuser provides for you. Do you ever think about your kids, who’re exposed to this abuse on a daily basis? Don’t keep quiet and think things will be better.

To men who’re abusers, our women need to be loved and they’ll be able to feel their beauty. They deserve respect. Abuse remains a disgraceful blot in seeing our country developing. Never let anyone steal your happiness.