Super League a farce

Mkhangeli Tom, Kuyasa

My two cent’s worth about this Super League is that it is a disgrace to football, and pure disrespect to the fans and football lovers across the globe.

The owners of these 12 clubs care less about the development of the game than their pockets, and they don’ care at all about their colleagues who own small teams and compete with them week in and week out.

If they continue with this idea they should be dismissed by UEFA and players banned from participating in FIFA competitions.

I have so much respect for PSG, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund for declining to be part of this circus. At a difficult time where football doesn’t feel the same because the fans are not allowed to be inside the stadium, this is the last thing these inconsiderate owners should be proposing.

The biggest Super League is UEFA Champions League, that is where you get to see the promotions of football and the excitement it comes with. What will this Super League bring to football other than more money to the owners?

Nothing, except divisions and disrespect.