Send the soldiers

Linda Zantsi, via email

There is war in our country where people are killed daily in big numbers. I understand that our soldiers were designed to fight African wars and that is why nothing is done with the war in our own country.

There is no other way to describe senseless killings that have become a norm with absolute no solution and unlicensed firearms are a major problem.

Please deploy soldiers first in kwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape to literally search for these firearms that are used like toys. Soldiers must stop sleeping and march door to door in search of these killer guns. I always say that apartheid police used to search for papers that had anything to do with politics.

What will stop you Madam Minister from deploying your soldiers to search for guns? While doing that also keep in mind that women in remote villages of Eastern Cape are raped and killed in their houses every night. You will never see that on on television news