Infuse your humanity back

Ayanda Kota, Makhanda

We will never achieve true emancipation; we have become so backward.

The “Xhosa nostra” vibes doing rounds on social media is so regressive and backwards just like 100% Zulu boy of Jacob Zuma.

Apartheid divided us along tribal and ethnic lines. So given that as long as we don’t rally together, we don’t pledge solidarity, we don’t unite, we will never attain true emancipation. For emancipation, we need to rally together.

We need to condemn tribalism and ethnicity in the strongest possible terms. We need to attack it whenever it rears its ugly head.

Tribalism, racism, ethnicity, sexism, male chauvinism, homophobia, xenophobia or Afrophobia can never be a joke in a country that is so unjust.

These are colonial constructs. They are a proof of what we have become; an empty shell. We need to infuse our humanity back to become full human beings.

We cannot take our sense of pride in our subjugation and colonial product.

We need to refrain from these jokes. They are backward and colonial.

Unity, unity and unity. Class unity is a prerequisite for a developmental society.