OPINION: Bring Senzo Meyiwa’s killer to book

The recent Meyiwas versus the state debate is quite interesting. They keep reminding us or telling us that justice delayed is justice denied.

Trust South Africans to play with words. Trust leaders to think they are smarter and more intelligent than all of us.

I am not sure whether I have lost trust or faith in the justice system
or what but for all these years hearing this slogan, many cases have
not progressed swiftly. The case study has to be the Senzo Meyiwa murder case.

I would treat that case as a high-profile case. It’s been five years since the soccer icon was shot dead in full view of friends but no one has been brought to book.

The frustration of that family has forced them to approach AfriForum to be of help with the hope of finding closure to the case. But who is AfriForum to assist in such a delicate
but seemingly obvious case? In my view, the group has no power to investigate and prosecute those who are guilty.

Up to today there has been no sufficient work done by both police and the National Prosecution Authority (NPA). Put yourself in the Meyiwa family’s shoes.

Here is your son or your beloved daughter or family member killed that way but nothing is happening. Would you not lose trust in the justice system? Would you not lose trust in the entire government to deliver to its citizens?

To further hear Police Minister Bheki Cele mumbling in front of the cameras about the case leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

To hear him making promises that I am sure he does not follow up on after such press conferences is disappointing if not disgusting to Senzo’s family.

While it was believed the docket is with the NPA, they said it has been sent to the office of the national police commissioner.

If in such high profile and glaring crimes there are no convictions, do you think will there be convictions on gender-based violence? This leads to pure lawlessness as the murder rate keeps increasing.

As we are approaching the festive season, there will be shocking increases in murders and other
violent crimes. It won’t be easy to
go to the banks, just to withdraw money.

If the police cannot speed up the investigation in such a high-profile case, which one would they really win?

These are the things that lead people to lose hope and faith in the justice system.

For the sake of the country and its citizens, Senzo’s killers must be brought to book.

The law enforcement could and should be better. They can bring hope to hopeless people.