Taking powerful messages to a party place

Loyiso Qevu well-known cultural expert called for an end to the abuse of women and children.

With Covid restrictions preventing any big gatherings to mark Freedom Day, a local online radio presenter decided to take empowering messages to the young people who spent Freedom Day, Tuesday April 27 at a popular gathering place.

Lonwabo Dandala, who is a presenter at GLive FM, visited EParkini in Khayelitsha to conscientise those gathered there about gender-based violence as a way of honouring the spirit of Freedom Day.

He was accompanied by well-known cultural expert Loyiso Qevu who delivered a powerful talk.

Mr Dandala said they wanted to infiltrate the spaces where young men spent most of their time so that they could get their attention. He said a real men who knows his identity and who respects his culture does not rape nor abuse women and children.

Lonwabo Dandala who is a marketing manager and presenter at GLive FM online radio station is the brains behind the idea of talk about gender based violence eParkini.

He said there is no culture that teaches men to disrespect or mistreat women and children.

He said they believed that if such talks could start in places where young people were drinking and having fun, they may be able to relate better to the young people and get their message across more effectively.

He said they could not celebrate Freedom Day without touching on such matters because women and children lived in fear because of men and were therefore not free.

“I believe that we are a lost generation as we have abandoned our cultural values that guide us and warn us about behaving badly.

“We must ask these critical questions if we are to build better young men who are responsible. We must go back to our roots so that we can fight such issues. We want to see men that do not rape and abuse women,” he said.

Mr Qevu said a real man takes responsibility for his left and will protect and provide for his family and not rape and abuse children.