Mother of Langa triplets pleads for help

Nokonwaba Fuba telling Vukani how she found out that she was carrying triplets. She is holding Inathi whom she gave birth to first.

Nokonwaba Fuba always wanted to have two children, but now she is struggling to support her young family, which got far bigger than she expected when she fell pregnant.

Already blessed with a beautiful daughter, she decided to try to have another baby.

When she felt nauseous and suspected that she might be pregnant, she went to the clinic where it was confirmed her instincts had been right.

What she did not expect was to be told she was carrying three children. The 33-year-old unemployed mother shares her two-room shack in Langa with her boyfriend, who does not have permanent employment and earns a living by pushing people’s grocery trolleys in a nearby shopping centre.

She gave birth to three girls in December, two months before they were due. She said she had had mixed emotions when she had learnt she was carrying triplets and was worried about how she would afford to take care of them.

She even considered terminating the pregnancy but didn’t because she believed the babies were blessings from God and she had to carry them.

“I could not believe it when I was told I’m pregnant with three children. At first, I thought the scan was wrong, but the news was confirmed at Groote Schuur Hospital. If I was working, I would not have had a problem or be worried.

“This shack that I’m living in is riddled with holes, and when it is raining, water comes through from the roof. I can’t afford to buy all the basic and necessary stuff they need because the money that my boyfriend is making is not enough to buy food, let alone to cover their needs.

“The amount of food that I buy for them is not enough and does not last until the month end. I need a decent house as well, and I’m begging to anyone to help me in this regard.”

Ms Fuba said she had to ask a neighbour to help her get to the clinic once a month. She had only started getting a social grant for her children at the end of July and before that it had been very hard to provide for them, she said.

She gets some food for her children from the clinic, but she said it was still not enough.

She has also visited her ward councillor, Samkelo John, to ask for assistance, but Mr John said he had directed her to the Department of Social Development and the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) as he could not provide anything from his side.

He said he had also given her groceries during level 4 of the national lockdown.