OPINION: Capturing a community’s anguish

The Ndevu family are battling to come to terms with the sudden loss Andiswa Ndevu who died in a catastrophic car accident.

The joint funeral of Buyiswa Bulana and Thina Queen Williams, who were among the six women killed in the Marcus Garvey mass shooting, a fortnight ago, was held in Khayelitsha and was attended by about 200 mourners.  Award-winning photographer FANIE JASON was in the crowd and was moved to capture these riveting images and let his pen flow.

During the days of apartheid we ran from one funeral to the next in the 80s and 90s, then in the early 2000s, it was HIV/Aids that ravaged out communities, who died in their thousands.

Now our community is ravaged by crime that is completely out of control.

Every week we are burying innocent people who get shot by criminals, or children who get killed in the crossfire.

Is there a war going on in Cape Town or is the South African government too soft on crime and murder.

Why should we respect the human rights of murderers, while the same people have no respect for the rights of other people nor the law?

Murderers go to jail and get three meals a day, watch TV, have cellphones and study in prison, while the families of their victims are struggling to make ends meet.

Six police officers were shot dead so far this year, it was very rare that you heard police were shot under apartheid.

Does it mean giving murderers their human rights makes them undermined the law and not respect the lives of other people.

For all those people who play the race card and keep on telling us how many white farmers get shot, please look at these figures and shut up.

Crime in South Africa knows no colour; it cuts across the colour line.

But the poorest of the poor pay a heavy toll. I stop very short of asking for the death penalty to be introduced. If the state fails to deal with violent crime, then the community will have no option but to deal with crime by themselves, in a way that only they know.

So far this year, 900 people have been murdered in gang violence on the Cape Flats, bringing the total number of murders in the area to 1 600.