Take care of your health

Phaks Mzukwa, Khayelitsha

Let’s take care of our health whichever way we can.

I (was recently) hospitalised with a foreign object in my intestines that nearly killed me.

Had I not joined a medical aid and not been employed, the procedure that had to be performed to save my life wouldn’t have been paid for.

So instead of recovery there could have been a funeral of me.

Enjoy life, do whatever but know that the body is expensive to cure – even more expensive than preventing it from dangers.

I realise most people die because they can’t afford these exorbitant prices of health care but taking care of your body is much cheaper. (You can do this) by scrutinising whatever you are given to eat, by checking what you are about to consume (expiry dates), by taking time to jog and exercise for fun and making safety your everyday dose.