Langa mom cooks for anti-crime patrollers

Nompulelo Waka with her volunteering assistants Portia Ralane, Nolusindiso Waka and Nomfolose Joya.

Inspired by their tireless efforts to combat crime in their township, a retired business woman has taken the responsibility to cook for the Langa Safety Patrols (LSP).

Nompendulo Waka from Zone 2, said said since LSP starting patrolling the streets at night residents have witnessed less crime.

“My daughter Asanda is running a braai stand at the taxi rank and sometimes she would give the patrollers leftovers and I felt I need to cook a decent meal because these people are sacrificing their time for our sake,” said Ms Waka.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Ms Waka has been quietly dishing out nutritious plates of food to the patrollers on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Nompumelelo Waka stirring her pots.

However, news of her generosity was shared by LSP chairman, Bandile Gcuwa, who on the patrol’s second year anniversary last week spoke glowingly of Ms Waka.

“We are deeply touched by what Sis Nompendulo is doing because we never asked her to do this. She felt duty-bound to help us because she believes we are doing this for the greater community,” said Mr Gcuwa.

He said ever since they started patrolling the streets “criminals are having sleepless nights”.

“We don’t only patrol, we follow up on complaints that community members and our record speaks volumes and it is that reason people like Sis Nompendulo respect our work,” he said.

It’s not only the 30 LSP patrollers who receive the kindness from Ms Waka. Patients at the Langa Cheshire Home cannot wait for their food deliveries on the same days that the crime busters get theirs.

“The home is very close to my heart because it’s giving shelter to the vulnerable elderly people. Well I have been cooking for them for a longer period and they are very thankful,” said Ms Waka.

Langa Cheshire Home manager, Mnyamezeli Mbadlisa, praised Ms Waka, saying she had “a good heart”.

“She has a very good spirit and we are thankful for what she does to the whole community,” Mr Mbadlisa.

Ms Waka said she would continue her cooking as long she hasd the means to do so.

“This is not a funded soup kitchen but I am doing it because these patrollers and Cheshire Home touched my heart,’ she said.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, call 072 125 8629.