Ithalomso plants trees in Khaltsha

Ithalomso CEO Andile Ndevu gets his hands dirty as plants a tree while Sobambisana Primary school principal, Mvuyise Damba and Ithalomso chief financial officer, Sebastian Jozi looks on.

Khayelitsha is being given lungs in the form of indigenous trees planted by Ithalomso Waste Management as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations.

The company planted three trees in Site C after having planted seven at Sobambisana High School in Site B last Friday.

Ithalomso Waste Management chief executive officer, Andile Ndevu, said they wanted to inspire pupils and young people of Khayelitsha to dream big.

As a product of Khayelitsha, he said, it was critical that he give back to the community which shaped him into becoming who he is today.

He added that he hoped the trees would inspire the youth to look after their environment and that they would see a decrease in littering and illegal dumping in the areas where trees had been planted.

“One of the most important responsibilities that we have is to conserve nature. When we plant the trees we also beautify our communities. I urge the community to look after these trees and preach this message in their corners of life,” he said.

Sobambisana Primary School principal, Mvuyisi Damba, said the school had always emphasised the importance of looking after their environment.

Mr Damba said they were committed to nurturing the trees and teaching the children the importance of them.

Staff members of Ithalomso

“We know that in the future the trees will provide shade to pupils. The trees also assist in their efforts of beautifying their field which they are trying all means to preserve,” he said.