Help for Sonwabile after burglary

Members of Sonwabile and Shoprite store staff during the handover of computers at the centre.

A local chain store donated computers to Sonwabile Disabled Self Help Association based in Nyanga, last week.

The store was responding to the request made by the centre’s management after it was burgled and its equipment including computers, routers and telephones were stolen (“Centre for disabled hit by burglary”, Vukani, April 27).

On Tuesday May 9, Nyanga Shoprite paid a visit to the centre with a laptop, six desktops and its keyboards and mouses and a gift voucher.

Sonwabile was formed in 1995 so that disabled people could keep themselves occupied. The challenge then was that some disabled members didn’t earn grants, which made life difficult for them.

The centre provides various services such as bead work, sewing of traditional attire and computer training. They benefit people living with disabilities from Nyanga and the surrounding area.

Centre manager Sudi Kapangura expressed gratitude to the members of the store and the media for standing up when they needed support.

He also encouraged the members of the chain store to work to improve the lives of others in their respective communities. “I am lost for words because we were confused and had nowhere to run to for help. We are delighted. We did not expect this. We were asking ourselves where we were going to get help. Let me thank the media for running our story and it being seen by Shoprite. We are truly grateful,” said Mr Kapangura.

He also urged the community to help them by not buying stolen goods.

Buyile Vava, treasurer of the board, said there is still hope when good people help.

“The robbery has killed us spiritually and otherwise. It was the saddest thing that happened to us. We hope the thieves can understand our struggles as people living with disabilities. But with this gesture shown to us, we are over the moon. We will tighten our security to protect the little we have,” he said.

Shoprite administrator manager Lamla Same handing over a laptop to Selina Nqanqaru.