Drugs, weapons found during school searches

Police visited schools early in the morning with sniffer dogs.

High schools in Langa were temporarily disturbed last Wednesday, March 15, following a random search for drugs and dangerous weapons conducted by police with the help of the community police forum (CPF) and neighbourhood watches.

Various items including drugs and knives were confiscated.

Langa police station spokesperson Captain Nondumiso Paul said they had to do the random search after complaints that pupils are using drugs and carrying weapons at school.

She said the safety of pupils and staff is a priority for police.

“Due to ongoing gang-related issues within the community, which has filtered onto the school premises, we had to do something. There should be various safety control measures at the school in order to protect teachers and pupils. We hope that the search will lower the criminal activities by young people. This is not healthy for the community and the teachers that have to face these young people with weapons,” said Captain Paul.

She urged parents to play their part in ensuring that their children take their education and safety seriously. She said it was the parents’ prerogative to engage their children not to be involved in unlawful activities. “They need to play a role. These are their children and the teachers are also their children. We all have to play a part to make sure that we are all safe,” she said.

The joint operation was applauded by CPF chairperson Alfred Magwaca.

He painted a poor picture of children’s behaviour during school hours. He said one of the things that prompted the random search was that pupils are seen drunk and roaming around the townships or hanging out on the street corners during school hours.

He said their behaviour was not going to be tolerated.

“We’ve been seeing our boys and girls intoxicated. We have been seeing our boys and girls out of school during school hours. We realised that there is so much that needs to be done. But the sad part is that their parents are not aware that their children are using drugs. It might seem they are exploring but it is no longer exploring. They are using them on a daily basis. That is affecting them at school and their teachers.They behave in a manner that is not acceptable. We then decided that with the crime prevention of the SAPS, these are random searches that we have to do.”

Mr Magwaca said the random searches will continue to reduce usage of drugs and most schools will be targeted. He said they want to show the children that bullying, disrespect, and drug use will not be accepted at school.

Locals worked with the police to conduct random searches at schools in Langa.
Some of the things found at schools including drugs.