Tribute to late jazz pianist at Guga S’thebe

The tribute to late jazz pianist Moses Molelekwa to be held at Guga S’Thebe in Langa on Sunday July 28 is conceived by percussionist-composer John Hassan,leader of a South African Afro-Latin band Hassan’adas.

“The object of this project is to celebrate Moses’ music. It is not a benefit concert but rather a tribute to Moses Molelekwa,” says John.

Despite a soft demeanour, Moses touched the lives of everyone he engaged with. One such person, is John Hassan, his one-time flatmate. During their warm-ups and rehearsals at home, the two often joined in on each other’s songs.

In 1996, they composed and collaborated on the music score for a short film The Last Picture.

John also featured on a few tracks on the Genes and Spirits album.

“I’ve been wanting to do this project for a while but time was never on my side,” says John.

Moses, commonly known as Taiwa to his fans and friends, began playing music at the tender age of 14, and was soon playing in the band McCoy’s Brotherhood. Saxophonist Mc Coy Mrubata was the band leader and one of Moses’ early mentors. Although influenced by the likes of Herbie Hancock and George Benson, Moses was always curious about African music and the roots of global sounds he heard growing up.

He matured into a genre-breaking jazz pianist, producer, composer and award-winning artist. His musical ingenuity established him as visionary well ahead of his time.