KTC pensioner in bitter battle with neighbours

Busisiwe Ntanta, 60, claims her neighbours stabbed her during an altercation about renovations made to her house.

A KTC pensioner says she fears for her life after a dispute with her neighbours over renovations she made to her RDP home, turned violent.

Busisiwe Ntanta, 60, says last month an altercation ended with her being stabbed in her arms and back.

She told Vukani her problems started in 2019 when she extended her RDP house to include a second storey. Neighbours accused her of having encroached on their properties, but, she said, she had consulted them before starting construction work and also showed them her plans from the City of Cape Town which indicated the boundaries of her plot.

On the day she was stabbed, she said, people from the area had come into her home demanding that she demolish it or vacate the premises. She claimed that the daughter of ward councillor Thembisile Ntamo had been with them.

As a war of words ensured between her and neighbours, she was viciously stabbed on her arms and back, she said.

Not long after, she told Vukani, her daughter was stabbed in the back when the very same neighbour attacked her at their premises.

Gugulethu police spokesperson, Sergeant Sindiswe Ngqele confirmed that cases of assault had been opened and that the accused had appeared in court last month and would appear again this month.

This is Busisiwe Ntanta’s house

A visibly emotional Ms Ntanta said her neighbours continued to verbally abuse her and had even called into question where she had gotten the money to extend her home.

“I was stabbed on my back and arm. I was bleeding profusely and I thought I was going to die. My neigbours have ganged up against me and my family. My daughter and I have opened cases against these neighbours who had stabbed us.

“But what kills me is the fact that the ward councillor is not even solving this matter instead he threatened me and my family.

“As a leader, he was supposed to resolve this issue but he warned us that this will not end well for us. At one time, Gugulethu detectives officers held a meeting between myself and the ward councillor. But the councillor organised residents who disrupted the meeting.

“These neighbours also opened a case against myself and my daughter claiming that we had attacked them when they were the ones who invaded my place,” she said.

Weeping silently, said she had been living in the area since 1982 and she has never had issues with anyone before.

Ward councillor Thembisile Ntamo said he was aware of the matter but vehemently denied that he was involved in any way.

Ms Busisiwe Ntanta daugher shows Vukani her stab wounds

And, he said: “If my daughter stabbed her then let the police play its course I do not want to get involved.

“I’m tired of this issue.”

Gugulethu station commander, Brigadier Nokuzola Pete said she was aware of this matter and she had sent two detectives to attend the matter.

Busisiwe Ntanta shows Vukani where she stabbed, allegedly by one of her neighbours.