Saving lives matters most

Thando Jemsana, Lower Crossroads

The lives of South Africans are a first priority. The government should go all out, even if it is to take unpopular decisions, to save lives amid strong waves of Covid-19.

It is time that the government should cease to play Africa “Big Brother”, and focus its energy to fight the surge of the coronavirus head-on in the country. There is an intricate balance between health and the economy, however, saving lives matters most.

If vaccination is so important in saving lives, why is the government not going out at all costs and pulling up its socks to ensure that everyone is registered for vaccination, even though the vaccines are still in Europe? We can use the voters’ roll of the IEC as added data also.

The enforcement of the Covid-19 regulations should take centre stage, without favour and prejudice.

The delay in the vaccination rollout would result in not enough people being vaccinated come the local government elections, as it is alleged that the elections will trigger a fourth wave, followed by a fifth wave in December.

More people will be infected with the virus and in that regard the herd immunity will be a pipe dream.

Rest in peace will be South Africa’s slogan.