Work together

Mzee Kutta, chairperson, Khayelitsha Business Forum

Khayelitsha Business Forum is pleading with business people to work together.

In this festive season, KBF wishes a profitable business to all who operate in Khayelitsha.

We urge the community to support the local businesses. They must buy all their products and services. This will help local businesses to make profit and improve their professionalism, operations and customer service.

Buying locally helps the economy.

According to research, a rand revolves around Khayelitsha about eight times before it leaves the community.

We want the rand to revolve around Khayelitsha at least 50 times before it leaves Khayelitsha in the year 2020. This can only happen if we encourage consumers to buy locally and encourage business-to-business trading.

Currently there is a big outcry about the lack of customer service and professionalism. For that to improve customers must give feedback openly to service providers and KBF must interact with business people and create network sessions to speak about the importance of customer service and professionalism in their businesses.

In return to the community, the business people must employ locally and be sensitive to the triple bottom line, which speaks to social responsibility, environmental and economical issues.

Businesses must give back to the community in any way they can afford and that suits them.

This will all happen when businesses are assisting each other and are united – and also when there is a connection with the community.