Victims of SS Mendi are not warriors

Thobile Sukwana, Mandalay

To say the SS Mendi victims are warriors who laid their lives for the liberation of the country is a shameless distortion of our history.

When I learned about the story of the SS Mendi African regiment I only saw the ill advised victims of colonialism who were misled to fight on side of their colonisers in the scramble for Africa and there’s nothing honourable about their role.

Just like apartheid, colonialism was a crime against humanity and to turn back and commemorate the exploits of her majesty the Queen’s Army in strengthening the hold over British colonies is the betrayal of the first order.

Who are we to accuse Helen Zille of racism for praising colonialism when we are ever prepared to celebrate our submission at the hands of the British colonisers. We are forever victims of mind conditioning and the time is now when we should get a rude awakening from colonial slumber land.

We should be commemorating and celebrating the many exploits of the African gallant fighters in the wars of resistance and the heroes and heroines of our liberation struggle.

As the surviving victims of the brutal conquest by the British colonial master in Southern Africa we are either the dumbest cohest royal subjects or worst self loathing and self hating Africans in the southern hemisphere.

It seems like mental slavery is still the plaque that consumes African people past and present.

Shame on you original owners of the stolen land for conspiring with the colonisers in brain washing the mind of the African child.