Stop “chaos” in Nyanga, says Sanco

Concerned Nyanga Sanco members Queenie Nkuku, Phumza Njongwana, Nomzi Gxothelwa, Nobeka Ngxukuma and Malizole Mayongo showing Vukani the streets and the areas where people are not staying at home.

As the number of Covid-19 infections continue to climb, the Nyanga branch of the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) has called for intervention from the provincial government and the City of Cape Town’s Metro police and Law enforcements to stop what they describe as “chaos” in the area where people have not been observing the restrictions of the lockdown.

Last Thursday morning, members of the organisation called for the deployment of the army to the area to help SAPS enforce the lockdown regulations.

“Our clinic was closed for a few days because of Covid-19. Right now there is chaos in Nyanga, streets full of children, traders braaiing and some selling hot meals, something that should not be happening,” said Sanco chairperson Nomzi Gxothelwa.

“We appeal to the government to intervene because we believe we have a very real chance to save lives and make a huge difference to our people. Let us protect the most vulnerable and our country,” she said, also calling on residents to stay at home whenever possible.

A group of concerned community leaders, stood in unison in front of Zolani Centre showing Vukani the uncontrollable people and illegal traders in work and pointed out the lack of law enforcement.

Sanco secretary Queenie Nkuku added that they had informed other members to also help with campaigns to educate people about the dangers of Covid-19.

“In all other areas soldiers and law enforcement were deployed from the word go but nothing in Nyanga. We all know that at some point people need to be forced to adhere to other things. This is new to all of us so it is not easy to comply at a go.

That is why we want their intervention. Our police are trying but they cannot do this alone,” she said.

Executive member Nobeka Ngxukuma said there were areas where people were complying but after the restrictions were eased, “all hell broke loose”.

Vukani was taken around the area to witness how hordes of people were hanging around on street corners and near shops – most of them without face masks. Law enforcement spokesman Wayne Dyason said Metro police was active in the area and were working with SAPS.

He said the illegal sale of hot meals would be addressed and the City’s health inspectors would be teaming up with Law Enforcement to address these issues going forward.