Sex education classes cause friction

Phiri Cawe

A child is born with a smile on her or his pretty face.

They know no colour, no language and surely know nothing about sex, especially porn. But in their life journey parents want to be their champions which in my eyes, is sometimes foolish and stupid.

I have always asked myself what could be the best form of education for children to grow up as good citizens?

I have noticed that we tend to think sex is a worse thing for children than drugs.

The only concern most parents have, especially black parents, is that their girl children not get pregnant at an early age. A boy child is forgotten in black families. It is at the later stage (teen) when they start thinking about boys doing drugs.

When it comes to girls the fear is sex, and more sex. How do I decolonise my mind from this topic? Firstly, let me say that our (parents’) minds are scandalous, if not satanic. We grow our children before they grow. We are too upfront about everything. We have become prophets of doom and we know too much.

I am saying this because there is talk of integrating comprehensive sexuality education within the life orientation curriculum, which doesn’t only focus on sexually-related issues but a range of other factors. The new life orientation textbooks will be rolled out next year. This life orientation curriculum based on sexual education has gained criticism and unwarranted praise. Why must we teach our kids about sex at school when we have science and maths? What happened to biology subjects? We are parents with half minds. We think we know and yet we infest children’s minds with all the bad things. Whoever is behind our education system probably doesn’t have enough to do.

How did they come up with teaching young children about masturbation?

We have an education system that is bad – when children are forced to pass with 30 percent we keep quiet.

This education continues to go deeper down the drain and yet we are happy with that. Now somebody comes up with sex education and we are happy with that too.

Some person somewhere believes that kids have too much unofficial education from the street instead of schools. This person believes these kids from as early as 9 years should be exposed to what they call comprehensive sexuality education.

He might be right, but to me that is all nonsense. I would love all my children to live a happy life. I would rather have my children taught the Bible or Qur’an at school than sex. I believe whoever wants his children to know more about sex should discuss it at home. Soon, we will be told about sexual experiments at school. Will that make us happy?

Please give our children a break. Let them decide when the time is right. Like us, children can think and can be responsible enough about their bodies.