Secure the future

Thembsie Mdakana, Langa

It is much easier and more enjoyable to take the income we have worked hard to receive and spend it all every month.

We often purchase what we want and don’t think about the future.

The future for some people is so far away that we think it is not necessary to think about it.

In reality, there is no better time to begin to see a bigger picture than right now.

Between today and the conclusion of our income earning days,
a lot can and will

We might lose our jobs, take a pay increase or decrease or become disabled and unable to work.

To make plans for
the future is one of
the best things we can do with our hard-earned income.

Once you realise the importance of saving and the role it plays in your life, creating goals is the next step to stay on track.

Saving for our future makes our children’s education easy.

Let’s save today to keep the future secure.