SAMWU regional chair tests positive for Covid-19

Lennox Bonile in hospital.

Wishes for a speedy recovery have been flooding in since Cape Metro regional chairman of the South African Municipal Workers Union, Lennox Bonile, announced on social media that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Mr Bonile, who stays in Khayelitsha, was admitted to the Melomed Mitchell’s Plain Hospital after complaining about shortness of breath.

He said he was rushed to the hospital’s intensive care unit where oxygen was pumped into his lungs. “I was feeling numb and they took me to the ICU where they stabilised me,” he told Vukani from his sickbed.

Mr Bonile has called on the community to work with government to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the country and urged community leaders and councillors to play a pivotal role in educating people.

“What you see in Khayelitsha is really sad, people running around, children playing in the streets. It is not helping at all.”

Khayelitsha Health Forum chairperson, Mzamo Ndibongwe, wished Mr Bonile a speedy recovery.

“He is a tough leader and I am sure he will come out stronger from that hospital.”

Khayelitsha Covid-19 Response Team’s Sibongile Mbele also wished Mr Bonile well.

“We wish him a speedy recovery and we want him back so that he can educate the community about this virus,” said Mr Mbele.

Khayelitsha Development Forum chairman, Ndithini Tyhido, said Mr Bonile was a staunch fighter for worker’s rights and he has a bigger role to play in the fight and campaigns against the coronavirus.

“We know he will come home to help us beat it,” he said.

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