Residents urged to uplift each other

Kuyasa old age club members with Chris Wangu and Mpucuko Nguzo, all in a jovial mood after the donation.

January is often described as a tough month by many people and others battle to make ends meet at this time of the year, but there were smiles galore at two Khayelitsha senior citizen organisations when they received a donation of food parcels on Thursday January 26.

This comes after residents and community leaders in the area contacted former ANC councillor Mpucuko Nguzo and informed him about the daily challenges of Nobulungisa Kuyasa old age organisation in Kuyasa and Sixolile Senior Club in Makhaza. Without wasting any time, Mr Nguzo heeded the call and contacted Chris Wangu and pleaded with him to help .

Mr Wangu said he has been donating food parcels to people who come from disadvantaged communities for more than 10 years. He said the donation comes straight from his own pocket.

He said when he was informed about the work of these two organisations and their plight, he felt obliged to do something.

Mr Wangu said the spirit of Ubuntu has no boundaries. He said he started handing out food parcels when he was still in high school and even after he served as a Member of the Parliament, he continued with this initiative.

He then called on the residents to look after senior citizens because they are at a stage in their life where they needed help the most.

Young people should not forget that these elderly people are the ones who had played a pivotal role in raising them, and even their children, he said.

He believes that a hand that gives will be even more abundantly blessed than the one which receives. Mr Wangu said the donation might be a drop in the ocean but at least for a couple of days they won’t have to worry about what to cook. He encouraged residents to inculcate a culture of sharing, uplifting and taking care of one another.

“We can’t always depend on the government to provide for everything. We need to wake up and do things for ourselves. You do not need to be millionaires in order help someone, you can always hand whatever you have. And it might be seem little to you but to the ones who are receiving it, it is a huge thing,” he said.

Chairperson of the Kuyasa old age group, Zabekulunge Ndaweni, expressed his sincere appreciation to the donors, saying it means a lot to them and they appreciate the fact that there are still good Samaritans who practice the spirit of Ubuntu.

He said as the organisation they cook for each other, exercise and advise one another on issues affecting them. He explained that they used to do sewing, beading and farming but their equipment were stolen in 2011 and since then they had been unable to carry on with their work.

“I appeal to other people to help us get our equipment back. We as elderly need to be taken care of and loved. That is all we ask for, “ he said. Mr Nguzo urged residents to inculcate a culture of giving without expecting anything in return. He said people should not make fun of other people’s misery. He challenged local business people to lend a helping hand, particularly to organisations run by senior citizens.