Pregnant woman raped by two men

Residents gather outside where the woman was allegedly raped.

A five-month-pregnant woman from Ethembeni informal settlement in Makhaza was allegedly raped by two men in the early hours of last Tuesday, November 8.

The 23-year-old woman was asleep in her two-roomed shack when she heard someone kicking her door around 2am.

She said she got out of the bed to check what was happening and within a second they forced their way inside the house and one of them was carrying a gun. They told her to go back to bed.

She thought that it was only two men but later on she learnt that there was another man was standing outside her shack keeping watch.

“The guy that was carrying a gun told me to take off my pyjamas and told me to bend over.

“He then inserted his penis and started raping me while the other hand was holding a gun. The other guy was watching while I was being raped. I then realised that I know the second who was watching and he knows me as well.

““He would greet me when he passed by. But because I feared for my life I pretended as if I did not know him.

“The guy that was raping me told the other guy to get out of the room as he was not going to ejaculate while being watched.

“While all of this was happening my cousin brother was outside as I later learnt that these are his friends. When he was done, the other guy raped me but he was quick and shaking and I think because he knows me.

“They then took the R50 I had and my two cellphones. The big question that I ask myself is why they did this to me while they have known me for years,” she said.

The mother of one wept silently as she recalled the incident. They took about 30 minutes. Just before they left, she said they told her to stay inside the shack and not leave otherwise they would shoot her.

She said she learnt later on that the suspect came to her house because of her relative and this was confirmed by the relative who has been arrested.

Before she moved to her current place, she said she used to stay at the relative’s home for years and she never had any issues with him.

She said her parents are in the Eastern Cape and have told her to come back home because they are worried about her.

Harare police station spokesperson, Siyabulela Vukubi said a 20-year-old man had been arrested on charges of rape and house break-in and appeared in court last Thursday.