Pastor inspires with new movie

Apostle Dr Khaya Maseko

He may be a church leader but Apostle Dr Khaya Maseko is adamant he is going to make it big in the film industry without leaving his church and family behind.

Dr Maseko has just added another star to his already decorated curriculum vitae by writing, producing and directing his own movie, Justice is Justice.

The story is about a village woman who is accused of murdering her husband and has to flee to the city.

The cast includes Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo, Zuko Vanyaza, Mac Mathunwa, Ntombi Makhutshi, Irene Memani and Nomimi Ngxangane.

Dr Maseko started making Justice is Justice in 2012.

Social media was abuzz during the red carpet premiere of the movie at the Artscape theatre on March 11.

Speaking to Vukani at his Salvation Church in Makhaza, Dr Maseko said he hopes the movie will be a boost for aspiring Cape Town actresses and actors. Through his Kingdom Edify production company, he wants to provide the chance for local talent to get fame and international recognition.

“The country doesn’t have anything that caters for young people. We are living in the world where there is no justice. In our culture there is no justice. Making it worse, there is even no justice in churches. But in the end, the good should prevail. That is why I wrote the movie. The movie is about our daily lives,” he told Vukani.

He hopes this initiative will help change the attitude of youth in the township.“I used mostly local artists because I want (young people) to see that they can be useful too. I want to inspire them to become something in life. I wanted something that would appeal and make township actors famous. That is why I took the risk of writing this movie. But I did not compromise the quality of the movie. It is a high standard,” he said.

Dr Maseko has hailed the local actors and actresses, saying his dream to see Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Gugulethu, Langa and other townships thrive will soon be realised. He said the commitment of the artists showed that townships have talent and potential to grow. He said all that is left now is to market the movie.

Dr Maseko is committed to solving challenges within the industry. “I am busy with a theatre now. Khayelitsha will have its own theatre. Although I have never been an actor, I always had a dream that I would make it big in this industry. When I was young I had a dream to go to America and study acting. I was inspired by James Bond 007. I used to love action movies. This is a dream come true,” he said.

He admitted the local film industry is affected by lack of funding and space.

Writer, actor and a producer Zuko Vanyaza congratulated Dr Maseko on his movie. He said in his 30 years in the industry he has never seen such a crowd and interest at the premiere of a movie. “For him it was nice because he has delved into a market he does not know. He made it in the industry in a big way. With its premiere, many people attended, prominent people came from all over the country.”

He believes the movie will generate great interest from all over the country and abroad.