OPINION: The ruling party must introspect

Siphazamephi na? This is the question we all have to ask ourselves.

This is a question that the ruling ANC should ask itself. Things are out of hand.

If we are not faced with allegations of corruption, it is heinous crimes. If not that, it is load shedding or water restrictions.

And recently police officers left police stations unattended to highlight their frustration at being overlooked for promotion. This, in a country with a high rate of crime.

Seeing police marching left a bitter taste in my mouth and I am sure in many others’ too. I thought, it was the end of this country.

Are the protesters greedy or is it a matter of neglect from the leaders? Why would police take to the streets in a country with such a high crime rate?

I foresee doctors and nurses doing the same. Merge electricity outrage and police protest at the same and tell me where is our safety. We are living in areas where amapharaphara are ruling while there is light and police. How much more where there is no lights?

I read something that it has badly impacted on infrastructure where the guys have stripped cables.

The ANC should have deep conversations with itself. I do not sit on the NEC meetings but I assume that those conversations are happening.

If they are happening as I trust they do, are the ANC members (NEC) true to those conversations? The apology from Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan about the load shedding was not enough. I have not heard a thing about the protesting police officers.

There have been cries about jobs for pals and families and those connected to the ruling party in most government departments. Does the recent upset about promotions indicate that this is happening among police as well?

As a ruling party, the ANC has the responsibility to service the nation and to live up to the confidence this nation has in it. It has to ask itself “ukuba iphazame phi na?”

We are in 2019 and services should be delivered to the people. Police are failing us and we are aware that the government does not care about Nyanga being the country’s murder capital.

But there is a lot of politicking about the crimes in Nyanga because they are after the votes of the people of Nyanga. If the country allows police, soldiers, doctors and nurses to protest, sisekunyeni. My appeal to the ruling party is that they do some introspection. Do they still have the interests of this country at heart?

This is a major crisis that we are in. Are we being punished for voting the ANC? You have the answer. I feel misrepresented. Kodwa saphazama phi?

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