OPINION: Our country has gone to the dogs

Columnist Phiri Cawe

Konakele. Something is broken in our society. As I write this, I feel pain. I feel pain about the death and the killings in this country. And I feel pain for those left behind.

I feel there is no fear of God in this beautiful country – there is only hatred and animosity and the streets of the city, particularly in the townships, is not a safe place for anyone. Not even our homes are protection enough for us.

Cape Town townships streets are no longer safe for our children to play in. Our own houses are not that safe to house us and protect us.

In recent weeks we’ve reported on the two 7-year-old boys from Khayelitsha who went missing and were later found dead in a dam not far from their homes.

Then, this week, seven people were shot dead at a home in Gugulethu. A month ago 10 men were killed in a mass shooting in Site C.

When I was a child, we got creative, using everyday items as toys. Or we would make our own. Today, guns are toys. Konakele baba. But there are also other things that are different when you compare my generation to the children of today and I’m glad for what my parents and the village instilled in me.

My parents, and others of that time never compromised. They fought for me and fought me when I was getting out of hand.

During our time there was fear of God. We were told about hell and got scared. Try to tell that to this generation, and it means nothing.

We never dreamed of backchatting our parents.

But today’s children have all the answers. Tragically, today’s children are also the victims of the most horrendous crimes and often die horrible deaths.

Girl children are raped and killed day and night. Do we need to pray or do we need to fold our arms and watch the bloodshed.

Konakele, we are facing trouble.

Young men are dying through the barrel of a gun.

We need people who can lead so we can take control of the streets. There’s hatred and animosity in Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, Crossroads and many other areas. Izwe lethu lonakele. Justice is not known by many.

Our police are trying all they can but the situation seems insurmountable. And they are not failing because they want to. It is because the whole country seems to be slowly crumbling down.

Our problems start with the fact that there’s a lack of leadership in my country.

When hearing the news of shooting and rapes, I get down on my knees. I pray. I think about the families. My heart breaks for the mothers for they love us so much.

The BM , Site C, Khayelitsha and Gugulethu communities are now mourning because of senselessness violence and those who have no consideration for others.

Most people might not ever fully understand the pains I feel inside for the up and coming youths, but it hits me and others hard.

We are in the longest nightmare ever. Lord help this generation.