OPINION: Men’s conference ruin Valentine’s Day

Columnist Phiri Cawe

A fake story about a men’s conference taking place over three days around Valentine’s Day caused a stir on social media and, it seems, in some relationships.

Despite the conference having been confirmed as a hoax, it may just be a bleak Valentine’s Day for many this year, who upset their partners by declaring online that they would be attending the conference.

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, men took a stand to support the “men’s conference”, which was to have taken place from Wednesday February 13 to Friday February 15, and spend Valentine’s Day away from their partners.

Most interesting, has been the responses from women who have largely determined that their husbands or boyfriends would not be allowed to attend.

I guess up to now women are still spending hours each week combing through accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out more about the conference.

Some women are even using automated online tools to check up on their men and what they post about the conference.

This week a woman friend of mine became quite hostile when we spoke about the conference.

Although she told me she was “allowing” her man to go, I could tell that deep down she was saying the

opposite. I am therefore happy to be the bearer of good news. It has been revealed that there is no men’s conference. On the downside, however, the joke has revealed a lot of mistrust in relationships and many men will probably find themselves finding on February 14 their own-albeit it not at a men’s conference. And all this because of a post on social media.

But the truth is, even before the “men’s conference”, men were looking for ways to be away from their partners on Valentine’s Day. On a number of occasions after Valentine’s Day, we have been bombarded by emails and calls to this effect: “I have a story to tell. My husband was locked in a lift at work for three days. I am reporting the company”. Those are lies that some men use to be away form their partners. And it will happen this year as well.

My advice to the sisters who find themselves in this situation is to use the break for spiritual renewal or maintenance. You should not despair because those who are meant to be in your life will always come back.

Please welcome them back with both hands. Biblically, ngunyana wolahleko (the lost and found).

To those who will be celebrating the day, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.