OPINION: Choose wisely in the upcoming elections

Phiri Cawe.

How I wish it was May 8 already or five months after election day.

The rhetoric, lies after lies, factionalism, backstabbing and pain inflicted on fellow South Africans is so heartbreaking.

What will it take for us to see the light – to see that we are conned, bought by T-shirts and food parcels? The promised land has been thrown out of the window. The land
of milk and honey is in Dubai, Saxonwold or KZN. The Freedom Charter has been left rotting in the dustbin.

As we approach the elections, political parties always project themselves as beauty contestants towards the elections. It is in this time I so wish Robert Sobukwe, Oliver Tambo and Steven Bantu Biko can rise up from the ashes again and tell me what change they see in our democracy.

According to history, these three are people who fought for what I benefit today. These are not only great South Africans but are people who were humble, peace-loving and loved their country.

In a country with a problem with gender violence we need people like these as comrades are accused left, right and centre of rape.

How I wish people choose wisely in this election. How I wish umoya ungehla phezu kwentloko zabo so that they can see the light.

I know it is not going to be easy for people because now they receive title deeds, food parcels, some are reportedly also bought by R400’s being dished out. Politicians are
out to buy people’s votes. You cannot reason with me that politicians are not aware that this is what they are doing. How do these people sleep knowing very well that they are liars, con artists, fraudsters and other names I would not mention here?

But there are still respected anti-apartheid activists who contributed immensely to the liberation struggle who are still respectful to people.

Let me name drop here: somebody like ANC veteran Mavuso Msimang. I have followed this grootman since the Jacob Zuma era. His passion for the country is unquestionable. He always raises issues that many comrades are too scared to.

I’ve always had a problem with those who think elections are here to solve our problems; I have always maintained that the close to 50 political organisations we have are here to enrich individuals. The cadre deployment is here to enrich families, relatives and friends.

The fact that you have graduates sitting at home while unqualified people are running the state-owned entities to death, should show you that you mean nothing. The fact that so many people, former members of Parliament and those who held the highest positions in different organisations form their own parties, should be something that shows you that you are a mere voter with no voice.

Be happy now because you can still benefit from getting a food hamper. Rejoice for now because you will get the title deed that you could not in the past three years. Sing and dance because a political figure is visiting your area.

But I give you a month after the election and you will be calling all the newspapers and radio stations complaining that your drain has not been fixed for some time. You will be complaining about the promises that have not been fulfilled.

But let us go out and vote for the sake of voting, for the love of our beloved country. Let us not expect a lot from those who claim to lead us; from those who are bigger than the law.

How I wish the elections were already over. I want to go on with my poor and ordinary life now.