NPOs host fun day for children

A group of NPOs and volunteers were on hand this past Easter to entertain children and keep them safe.

It was an Easter weekend to remember for more than 60 children between the ages of six and 16 who were treated to a day of fun by several NPOs.

The children enjoyed games and a meal on Saturday March 31 at 18 Gangster Museum.

The event was hosted by NPOs including Moja kanjani, Pitou, Green Bag, Sporting Code and Africa Jam as part of their aim to give back to the community and encourage young people to work together and make wise life choices.

A soup kitchen was also held to keep the children well fed.

Founder of the 18 Gangster Museum, Wandisile Nqeketho, said they wanted to show that working in unity yields good results.

He said the museum aims to uplift young people, which is why they organised the event.

“As these organisations, this is also our good opportunity to work together.

“We have never done a project like this together. We also want these young people to inculcate the culture of working together. We are here to feed them, play with them. We offer a safe place for them while they learn new skills and make friends,” he said.

He said they are also giving back to the community of Khayelitsha. He said children need to know that there are people who still care for them.

“Irrespective of crimes and many other ills, children must know that there are still people who care for and love them. Another thing is that kids mimic by nature, they will mimic this and practise it. So we want to work with put community in bringing them up positively. We are here to contribute to change in society,” Mr Nqeketho said.

Wonder Zewula, from business Quick Spaza, applauded the organisations for working together to develop their community.

He called on the township NGOs to come together and do projects for their communities.

He said the unity showed by the organisations needs to happen again.

“We are doing this for the people that we work for.

“We are nothing without the community. We have services here so we need to plough back to where we work.

“This is also a great opportunity for these young people. They are enjoying themselves,” he said.

Mr Zewula also encouraged the organisations not to entertain and feed children once in a while only. He said from now on, the event needed to be quarterly or fortnightly.

He said he would suggest this to his counterparts.