New Eisleben on the rise as matrics set pass rate record

Teachers singing as they celebrate the matric class of 2023.

Last Friday was a day filled with joy and celebration for pupils and staff of New Eisleben High School when they celebrated the class of 2023’s matric results.

The Crossroads school proudly announced that it had achieved its best ever matric pass rate of 84.9%.

Excited teachers burst into song after the principal announced the results at the staff room and as they moved outside to their pupils who also joined in singing.

New Eisleben High School had 225 pupils who sat for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams. Of the 191 pupils who passed, 85 achieved Bachelor’s degree passes; 60 earned Diploma passes and 46 got Higher certificates.

Principal Lubanzi Tyandela said this success was particularly noteworthy as the school had never had a matric pass rate above 80%.

He also used the celebrations to also launch the new year going forward.

Reflecting on this extraordinary accomplishment, Mr Tyandela, said credit should go to his staff and pupils for their discipline and sacrifices made.

“Last year we had a vision, we had a dream. That has come right. In 2022 we had a target of 80% and we achieved that. In 2023 we targeted above 80% and we are exactly at that, 84.9%,” he said.

He said he was even more proud with the mathematics result at 93.3% and all other subjects above 80%.

“We have improved. We salute the matric class of 2023 on their truly outstanding results, and while we celebrate our achievement, we also recognise and applaud every matric who worked incredibly hard to achieve their personal best. The dedication and commitment of our staff and children, coupled with the unwavering support of our parents have truly paid off. These outstanding results are a testament to our children that you need not go to the white schools to achieve, you can also achieve that in the township schools. We are turning the tide as township schools. We are nurturing not only academic excellence but also the development of well-rounded individuals who are ready to make an impact in the world,” said Mr Tyandela.

He encouraged this year’s Grade 12s and 11s to raise the bar and reach 90% and even 100%.

He praised teachers for spearheading initiatives and showing passion for their children. He said all that has benefited the school. He told pupils of the importance of starting classes early and being on time at school. He said he was confident that the school would improve and keep rising the matric pass rate.

“We are against late coming. We emphasise the importance of quality in our school. We want our pupils to strive for quality and secure distinctions and Bachelor’s passes. Our children are ready for that this year,” he concluded.

The celebrations were also joined by this year’s Grade 12s.

Grade 12 pupil Basikelele Xakeka surprised everyone when he took the mic to congratulate the 2023 matriculants and assure them that they would take the spear going forward. “We are delighted to see such results. Now it is on us to do the same and we shall make you proud. We are proud of our brothers and sisters for such achievement. They have made us proud. This is our year to make our school and parents proud too. We are also happy to have such dedicated teachers,” she said.

After the speeches, the celebrations were halted and it was back to the classrooms and back to work.

School principal Lubanzi Tyandela applauded his staff, pupils and parents for a job well done.
Grade 12 pupil Basikelele Xakeka ensured her teachers that the matrics of 2024 will raise the bar.