Methodist Church spreads spirit of kindness

Members of the Browns Farm Seniors' Club and the United Outcomes Methodist Church Guilders from Phillippi in a happy mood.

The kindness of Philippi church-going young people warmed the hearts of many seniors citizens when the United Outcomes Methodist Church Guilders donated food, clothes and other goodies to a group of pensioners in Browns Farm on Friday April 27, which was Freedom Day.

Guilder Luleka Mkhwela said one day they were at the Browns Farm Seniors’ Club and were touched to see the members hard at work, beading, weaving and sewing.

She and other guilders felt they had to do something for the seniors and asked how they could help. The grannies responded positively and asked for anything that could be of help to them. “We noticed they had no stoves and other necessities. Some told us they are living with their grandchildren and have no clothes. It is our task as guilders to look for places like this and donate a few things. We then came up with a solution to buy them stoves, food and bring clothes. The money comes from our pockets. Each and every guilder has to come up with something,” said Ms Mkhwela.

She said they wanted to show the elders that they are still valued. She said the freedom enjoyed by all today was fought hard for by these seniors.

“We honour them while alive. These are the same people who fought for us. They are our inspiration and parents to us and our parents. There is no better day than this one to honour them and make them happy. If they are happy, we are equally happy,” she said.

The kind act of the guilders was applauded by the seniors’ club.

The close to 20 elderly people said they were thankful to the young ones.

The club said they wake up every day looking forward to spending time in their shipping container which acts as their base in the area.

Mama Rose Makosa, who is the founder of Sakhulwazi Women’s Project and the chairperson of the club, said they were treated to a surprise on the day when they received clothes, food and other items from the group.

“We are delighted to have been treated like this. It is the first time that a group of young people have brought us something, hence the happiness. There are valuables that we truly needed. Now we have almost everything but there is still a small gap. In life one cannot have everything. We appreciate the attention and gifts because we feel cared for,” she said. She urged the young people to do the same for other seniors who need help.

Mama Makosa said she was surprised that there are still young people who respect and care about their seniors.

She thanked them on behalf of the other seniors who could not make it on the day. “It is a bit chilly and you know seniors have all sorts of illnesses. They are probably in bed as we speak. But on their behalf, a big thank you to these children. May they be blessed. But most importantly, may they always love and treat seniors with respect as they did to us,” she said.

The guilders spent the day with seniors. They said they had dedicated the whole day to them.