Market day at Mfuleni school

Pupils wait for the performances to start during the market day and Youth Day celebrations at the school last Thursday.

Mfuleni Technical Academy’s Grade 9 pupils held a market day at the school last Thursday.

Teacher Thembi Gecelo had the idea for the fund-raising market after teaching the pupils how to make their own soap.

She said the school’s principal, Simpiwe Kuzu, had supported the concept and decided to integrate it into the school’s Youth Day celebrations, which had included various performances.

The soap made by the pupils was sold at the market along with vegetables from the school’s garden.

A highlight of the day was when the teachers wore uniforms and played the role of pupils.

Vukani was unable to reach Mr Kuzu for comment by deadline.

The market day was an opportunity for the Grade 9s to sell the soap they had been taught to make.
Pupils queue at the stalls.