Make a difference

Wonke Mapeyi, Gugulethu

I am writing as a community activist who is not affiliated to any NGO but is concerned about the way her menstruation cycle can make a girl child less confident.

We are all aware that in the disadvantaged communities, many parents are unemployed and can barely afford the basic necessities such as food, let alone hygiene products like sanitary towels for our girls.

Therefore, on April 1, I would be running a drive whereby I will be distributing sanitary pads to a community school.

The girls from these disadvantaged communities tend to miss school during their menstrual cycle due to them not being able to afford to buy the sanitary pads.

This leaves them embarrassed to attend school, and during this period they lose confidence to be around their friends either at school or at home, adding pressure to all of this is them having to catch up with school work after the menstruation cycle ends.

In having access to these sanitary pads it will be of great help and will be allowing our children to stay in class at all times, preventing the pressure associated with being a young girl in disadvantage communities.

This is an appeal to you as an individual or company to assist in donating sanitary towels that will be collected and distributed to the chosen schools around the community of Gugulethu and surrounds.

We urge you to help us plough back to the community. Let’s all stand together and fight for this cause and in doing so you help a girl in need, bring a smile to her face and restore her confidence, also allowing her to be the best version of herself always.

If you want to make a difference in our communities do so by ploughing back. Contact me at 067 831 4279 or 067 143 1283 or send me an email on