Major boost for educare centre

Principal Mawethu Gwija cuts the ribbon during the opening of the new kitchen at the Lindokuhle Educare Centre in Browns Farm.

A Brown’s Farm educare centre has expressed relief after receiving the donation of a much-needed kitchen.

The donation from Breadline SA was praised and commended at Lindokuhle Educare Centre on Friday February 8.

Carers will now have more space for their classes as the new kitchen has been set up in a shipping container.

Breadline South Africa partnered with African Charity to donate the shipping container kitchen.

Lindokuhle principal Mawethu Gwija said the donation would make a huge difference to the children, the community and his staff at the centre which opened in 2007

“We had a class and an office in one room because of the numbers that we have.

“With the donation that means we now have free space. It also means we are growing.

“Because of numbers, we have always needed a third class for these children. We have more than 60 kids so you can imagine our needs.

“This will make a huge difference.

This is a relief to all, including this community,” said Mr Gwija.

He urged other companies to help care centres in the area.

He said the area has a high number of unemployed parents that could not pay for their children.

He said for crime to end, companies and the government should be at the forefront of providing programmes that will help the communities.

“If you look at the numbers that we have here, it will be clear that we need other programmes.

“This centre and others need to also implement different programmes for parents, programmes that will enable them to do things for themselves.

“But as Lindokuhle we are on that path,” he said.

Breadline SA programme manager, Puleng Phooko, commended the work of the centre.

“Establishments like this make a difference in the community. As Breadline we help where we can to make other people’s job easier. But our partner, Charity Africa knows the needs of the centres.”

She urged Lindokuhle Educare Centre to continue providing a good foundation phase.

She said children`s education is a collective effort.

In thanking those who contributed to the future of the children at the centre, parent Vathiswa Ndyanda said it was a parent’s duty to help and educate children.

“As parents we are happy with this donation. But I want to urge the parents to be part of their children’s future. We need to come to the centre and volunteer when we have time. We ought to give our services here too. These are our children. Surely we want them to get education. They are the future and we want them to be educated,” she said.