Luvuyo takes skateboarding to the township

Luvuyo Nibe of KTC speaks about his SK8TC Extreme Sport Club.

Luvuyo Nibe of KTC in Gugulethu is on a mission to teach youth all the tricks and tweaks of skateboarding and other extreme sports such as roller-blading and biking, which are often not considered to be real sports in the township.

The 38-year-old film-maker said township youth often dreamt of becoming soccer and rugby players and were not exposed to other sporting codes so he felt obliged to established the SK8TC Extreme Sport Club last year.

Mr Nibe said being born and bred in the township in Port Elizabeth, he was not exposed to different sporting codes.

He only learnt about skateboarding much later in his youth and once he did he was fascinated by it and made a pact with himself that he would teach it in the township.

Through the sport, Mr Nibe aims to prevent young people from using drugs and taking part in gangsterism and other criminal activities.

He emphasised that young people could become professional skaters and even make a living from it by competing in various competitions across the globe.

He insisted that young people must be exposed to all kinds of sports and stop the negative perception that certain sporting codes are only for certain people.

Mr Nibe believes sport plays a vital role in moulding young people and creating lasting friendships while helping them grow mentally and physically.

He said through the sport he hopes to teach them discipline and respect and boost their self-esteem. He called on other people to introduce other sport codes in the township.

He said the harsh reality was that KTC has been plagued by drugs and youth gangsterism for many years.

Asked about some of the challenges, he said at first parents were unwilling and sceptical about his club, but as time went by they felt comfortable and encouraged children to take part.

“We have 15 skateboards but they are not enough. We want township children not to be afraid of pursuing any form of sport code. Recently an Athlone boy won a major skating competition in China and he is the first in the country to win the competition. This sport plays an important role in improving (young people’s) thinking capabilities and judging skills,” he said.

He said they hope to raise enough money to build a skatepark and he appealed to anyone to assist with any form of donation.

SK8TC Extreme sport club member, Maleho Mosileng, said he was thrilled to be part of the club as it teaches them about the different sporting codes which they were not aware of. He said he joined the club because he likes extreme sports.

The 14-year-old said he had always been fascinated by skateboarding but there are no clubs in his area that teaches the sport. He hopes to be a professional skater one day. If you want to help contact Mr Nibe at 071 899 4965