Land action

Zikhona Kokoma, Langa

Government is not doing enough to educate the masses about land expropriation without compensation.

The land issue is on everyone’s lips. However, do people really know what it is?

The redistribution of land in South Africa is one of the most desired goals by the masses.

It is a controversial topic which has resulted in heated discussions as the masses want their land back.

This has always been a topic of interest among South Africans but has been fuelled more by the ongoing discussions led by the EFF.

However, it is worth noting that there is still a lot of information that South Africans need to know about land expropriation without compensation, and it is worth mentioning that our politicians and government are not doing enough to educate the masses.

Government should play an active role of unpacking what it means, so that each and every citizen in South Africa can understand this concept.

It needs to be adequately explained that even those who were not fortunate to gain education can understand it.

Generally, most people hold the belief that it is a simple act of just transferring land from white people to black people and that black people will just invade land anywhere they desire.

However, it is quite different from this. It is a very complex process and it is about much more than land, it is about identity, race and belonging.

Furthermore, when we are saying we are giving black people land we need to understand what this means. Black is a very broad term which needs to be dissected.

There are different classes of black people. We have the elite, the working class and the poor and when there is the distribution of land there needs to be acknowledgement of these differences and how distribution will take place.

The land topic is one that should always remain current. South Africans at large should ensure that they are having these conversations about land every day.

The land debate should be carried out by the ordinary masses in all domains across South Africa, including homes, work places, schools and everywhere where people are found.

It is our land and no one can fight for it but us. This is a concern as we do not want history to repeat itself like in our neighbouring country.

The government should ensure that people know this so that we do not find ourselves making decisions which will have a negative effect in the near future due to lack of knowledge.