Helping the poor of Endlovini

Children of Azania informal settlement in Endlovini at the church that doubles up as a hall, surrounded by their helpers.

Meet the medical doctor, pastor and entrepreneur who is committed to helping the poor of Endlovini by making positive changes in their health, education and living conditions.

South Korean doctor, Peter Han, who arrived in South Africa 11 years ago, has dedicated his time to building crèches and homes in Azania informal settlement through his NGO called Share Mission Foundation South Africa

It has not all been plain sailing but Dr Han, 59, has inspired many.

“We’ve created better education and health services, and raised people’s conscious on many issues. Thanks to our amazing volunteers and local leadership for the support they are always providing to us,” he said.

Dr Han and volunteers give hundreds of people food every day at the church in the settlement.

He is now about to give young people of the area an opportunity to make money abroad through modelling by offering them access to his native country.

He said he is allowing ordinary people without an income better opportunities to dream big.

“South Africans are talented but they need to dream. We will choose up to 10 teenagers to go overseas to model. We also want to make traditional dresses here. We want to see cultural dresses tailored here, by them,” he said.

The worst moment in his life in Endlovini which he cannot forget was four years ago when he was shot during a hijacking.

“They shot me and I broke my right shoulder but I never gave up. I am a medical doctor by profession and I am interested in poor people. My aim is to make people see that they are valuable and can do things for themselves. Those who shot me were wasting their time if they think I will leave this area”, he said.

Pastor Dereck Beukes from Bellville speaks highly about Dr Han.

He said he has transformed many people’s lives by working with the community leaders.

“So far he has built 16 crèches and donated bungalows to poor people. He feeds people every day. He is reaching out to people,” he said.

Secretary of the local committee, Hazel Mlotshwa, praised both the pastor and the doctor. She said their presence in Endlovini has brought a lot of smiles and change to people’s lives.

“They are there for the sick and lonely. Recently they donated over 10 bungalows. It is true that they have built crèches in the community. The two are working wonders here. They want to build us a school but we want to communicate that with the authorities first,” she said.

She said the community is more than happy with the services they have brought to the area.