Gugs family man spreads spirit of love

Tshidi van der Byl dishes up food while her husband Anthony looks on.

A Gugulethu good Samaritan and family man spent his 50th birthday feeding vulnerable and disabled people in Gugulethu.

Spirit of Wisdom Church member Anthony van der Byl was praised for sharing his 50th birthday party with members of the Vuk’uhambe Self Help Association.

Mr Van der Byl said the norm in the country is for people to organise big 50th birthday bashes with those who have a lot and forgetting those who have nothing.

“The Bible tells us to do good and the blessings will follow you. I decided to spend my day with these people not because I want to be seen, but to encourage others to do the same, to entertain the forgotten and neglected.

“In my life I have decided to serve the rejected. These are people that are close to my heart. I know they are very close to God’s mind too,” he said while preparing a meal for them.

Mr Van der Byl slaughtered a sheep for them and also bought presents for children of the Siyazama Educare Centre.

The members of the Vuk’uhambe Self Help Association wished him well on his day. They said he was a hardworking, people’s person who was a blessing to the poor.

“He is a father figure to us. He comes here now and then to pray with us.

“We are grateful that God is always sending people that bless us because of him. We today have a garden, ceramics project and many other things all because of him,” said Nonkuthalo Hiti.

Another well wisher, Deliwe Mashaba gave Mr Van der Byl some advice on turning 50. “Now that you are 50 there will be a lot of challenges.

“Your body will give you problems and people like us will start giving troubles.

“But please you must stay put and push more harder.

“It is now the time where we must unite more.

“We need to be strong like a bundle of wood; no one can break it.

“We need more people like you in our communities,” she said.

The party continued with people feasting on delicious dishes and, of course, the cake.