Gruesome murder rocks Langa

The community of Langa is reeling in shock agfter the gruesome killing of a 31-year-old woman on Monday morning.

Residents found the bloodied body of Unathi Madotyeni hidden in Block A flats.

According to Langa police spokesperson, Captain Nondumiso Paul, her injuries had made it difficult for them to identify her.

She said according to community reports, Ms Madotyeni had been killed in the early hours on Monday May 29.

“People heard the screams, but no one could come out,” said Captain Paul, appealing to witnesses to come forward.

The incident, which has sent shockwaves through the community, came just hours after the Department of Social Development launched Child Protection Week, in the area, on Sunday May 28.

A livid Nolwandle Ntsabo, the public relations officer of the Langa Community Police Forum (CPF), called on young people to refrain from walking alone at night, which could put their lives at risk.

“We are working hard, but our youth do not have self control. They need to put value into their lives. Young people must respect their lives. They are the future of this country,” said Ms Ntsabo.

“They must also get involved in the community so that they know what is going on.”

Ms Ntsabo said the incident came as a shock to everyone. “It is the first time we see such an incident. The common thing here is gangsterism,” said Ms Ntsabo. “People are unhappy about this and are worried.”